• Catalyst 28 is committed to delivering a wide range of creative projects across various sectors.

    Catalyst 28 is engaged in the business of creating, producing, executing, and managing creative campaigns, events, productions, and other related content.

    We specialise in customising projects for brands and companies to deliver the right results. We are a multi-disciplined group of experts building brands that resonate. We help create, transform, and grow your brand. With many different personalities and disciplines represented at Catalyst 28, we are able to express client stories and their brand value in a million different ways. Yet we always remain focused on maintaining our collective belief in providing our clients with a clear, concise voice that is undoubtedly theirs.


If you'd like to partner with our agency for events or have marketing queries, please email: 


If you would like to get your events handled or partner with us, please email: 

Our Services

Let us help you build the right event. 

We deliver your visual campaigns which communicate with audiences effectively and memorably. 

    We believe associating with the right person and events is the easiest way to reach the target audience.It enables your brand identity and creates a connection with the audience.

Associate with the right influencers to promote your brand to a larger market. We work with influencers based on detailed statistics.

Connect with us for a discussion on your requirements and let us help you move ahead.